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Getting help with iCosmo

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There are several ways to obtain help for iCosmo.



1. If you require help on a particular routine you can try the inbuilt icosmo help (the majority of routines are supported).


IDL> icosmo_help, 'plt_pk'

; ***************// HELP BEGIN //**************

; PURPOSE: Plot power spectrum P(k) from cosmo structure

; INPUT: cosmo structure

; OPTIONAL INPUT: z: redshift of power spectrum

;                linear: if set, only linear power spectrum is plotted

;                overplot: overplot on previous plot

;                color: color of line

;                _extra: any keyword accepted by plot or oplot



; plt_pk, sv

; plt_pk, sv, z=2, linestyle=2, ,/linear,/over, linestyle=2

;***************// HELP END //**************



2. If the inbuilt icosmo help does not answer your question, or if you find a bug, please use the iCosmo discussion forum hosted by CosmoCoffee.


3. Alternatively you can email help@icosmo.org with further questions.





  • red - Commands you can type into IDL
  • green - What IDL print
  • blue - other, e.g. keywords



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