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Setting up IDL

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  1. If you don't have a copy already, down load the latest version of IDL from the ITT website (http://www.ittvis.com/idl/) and follow the installation instructions. Be aware that to use IDL you will need an IDL License. You will need to find out if/how this license works at your institute. If no license is available then consider using GDL.
  2. Once IDL and license are installed we recommend that you creat a .idlrc file in your home space that will be use to , for example, set the IDL paths.  First you will need to add the following lines to file that initialises your terminal application.
    • For Mac and Linux shell (e.g initialised using .tcshrc) add the following lines to your .tcshrc file:

      # setup idl

      source /Applications/itt/idl70/bin/idl_setup

                                   setenv IDL_STARTUP ${HOME}/.idlrc 
  3. Download and unpack the latest version of iCosmo
  4. For Mac the .idlrc file should look something like (the section in red needs to be replaced by the path to your copy of iCosmo):



  5. You should now be ready to calculation a Fisher matrix. 
    1. Start IDL by typing IDL at the command prompt
    2. type: fid=set_fiducial()
    3. type : cosmo=mk_cosmo(fid) ; Calculate basic cosmology quantities
  6. You're Done!



Notes for a Unix (Debian) System  (Tom)


On a networked machine need to find where your IDL preference/setup file is located.  This will either be called idl_setup or idl.pref.


This may be under the .idl directory from your home space i.e.




In the .cshrc file add:

source ~/.idl/itt/pref-10-idl_6_4-unix/idl.pref

setenv IDL_STARTUP ${HOME}/.idlrc 


 Create a new file .idlrc in the home space and add:





where ~/code/iCosmo/ is the path to the top level of the iCosmo directory.






  • red - Commands you can type into IDL
  • green - What IDL print
  • blue - other, e.g. keywords


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